Monday, February 18, 2008

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

It can happen to the best of us! Age, genetics and weight changes can leave us with one or more extra chin. This article discusses how to get rid of a double chin.

Don't be fooled - there is no magic pill and there's no special potion that takes care of the double chin without a little work and effort on your part. By making some nutritional changes and performing some exercises, you can help reduce that double chin and tone up the muscles underneath your jaw.

Dietary changes should include getting rid of the junk food! You don't really need it since there is absolutely no nutritional value. Every time you stick a cheese curl in your mouth you are adding sugar, salt and fat to your body. Sugar, salt and fat help to add layers of fat underneath the dermis layer of skin. Is a few minutes of junk food happiness really worth the years of toting around a double chin?

Here are a few exercises that help to tighten up and tone the muscles surrounding the chin:

• Look up towards the ceiling. Slowly and steadily open up your mouth and close your mouth as if you are chewing, but exaggerate the motions.
• Place the palm of your hand against your forehead and use your head muscles to resist the force of your hand.
• Tilting your head back, move your bottom lip up over your top lip as if your bottom lip is a scoop.

In all of the exercises, you should be able to place your hand right underneath your chin and feel the muscles contracting and releasing. This helps you to know that you are getting the workout in the right area and doing the exercises correctly.

By learning how to get rid of a double chin you can put any "down" time to good use by doing some repetitions of the exercises. In addition, be very aware of the food you put into your body. If there's very little nutritional value, perhaps the best action to take is to turn around and walk away. With a well planned fitness routine along with proper nutrition from a qualified professional you will lose more than your double chin & look great all over!

John Whelan is a Freelance Writer & Fitness Enthusiast who enjoys helping others achieve their goals.

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