Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weight Loss And The Dangers Of Eating Fast Food

The dangers Of eating fast food? it's processed, and these foods are over processed at the cost of nutrients. Flavor is also destroyed, so before suppliers try to feed us this nutrient poor food, they add things like salt, sugar and fat for better taste. Weight loss will become an uphill battle.

* Artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives, most made from fossil fuels are very risky for adults. Another bad side is children suffer even more as their growing bodies and brains do not process and eliminate these chemicals as effectively.

* Fast food is the king of saturated fat which helps to build up toxins in our bodies along with clogged arteries and poor immune systems.

*Overall risks are abundant and the drive-thru window should be avoided.

* Below is a very interesting video I found on YouTube about a young man who starting collecting fast food hamburgers back in 1989 and put them on display, he has his own museum!

You will never head for the drive-thru window again once you see this video, at least I'm hoping you won't.....

This will sum up the dangers of eating fast food. Your weight loss campaign can do without saturated fats clogging up your arteries.

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