Monday, March 31, 2008

Eat calories Lose Weight

Anyone can easily eat calories, lose weight and achieve results with the fat reducing foods listed below. The combination of protein, carbs and healthy fat in your diet over a short period of time will guarantee positive results. Combining a fitness routine will double your efforts depending on your goals and your workout intensity level.

Your body changes everyday and the food you put in will determine the outcome on how your body will look. Don't be fooled by expensive drugs that will jeopardize your health and hyped up supplements that claim unbelievable results.

1. If you like eggs in the morning mix in vegetables like zucchini, onions, asparagus, fresh mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and red peppers. Pick two or three of these ingredients and chop up some lean chicken or turkey sausages along with swiss, jack, or goat cheese. I prefer scrambling these ingredients together and I can tell you it beats fast food ten times over.

2. Whole eggs are one of the most natural sources of protein packed full of nutrients that helps increase good cholesterol. Egg beaters are a little pricy but will do in a pinch if you just want the pure protein in egg whites. However if you do not want to waste the egg yoke then this product is perfect for you.

3. For a great meal between breakfast and lunch you can mix cottage or ricotta cheese and yogurt together with chopped nuts and berries. The morning is a great time to add the extra carbs to your meal giving you the additional energy you need especially after a morning workout.

4. Healthy fats are a necessary requirement in your nutrition campaign providing a cushion and protection for internal organs also providing essential fatty acids that benefit your heart, metabolism and immune system. Chopped walnuts, pecans, almonds and macadamia nuts are a few of the healthy fats you can consume conservatively.

5. If you love peanut butter then natural is the way to go, there are products in the grocery store that have just peanuts and oil as ingredients. There are options to plain peanut butter such as mixing almond butter and sesame butter or cashew butter with macadamia butter for a change in the same old taste of regular peanut butter.

6. Butter versus margarine has been an issue for years and it has been proven that real butter can be mixed into a healthy diet. The flavor is great but it is calorie dense and should be regulated accordingly. Margarine is very bad for the heart because of the way it stays hard which in turn tends to plug up the arteries.

7. Avocados are a very healthy fat full of fiber and other nutrients that can be used in salads, wraps and sandwiches. I personally throw an entire avocado in a salad mixed with vinegar and oil. Cut around the avocado stone and it will pull apart easily when properly ripened. The skin will shed easily and once cubed makes a nice addition to any salad.

8. Try this salad dressing you can make at home which includes balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and Udo's Choice oil blend. A perfect mix compared to some salad dressings that use highly refined soya bean oil. Leaf lettuce and spinach are great for burning calories during digestion and make a great salad anytime.

9. Salmon, herring and lake trout are a few of the best protein sources you can eat even if they are frozen and sitting in the freezer. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish play a crucial role in brain function as well as normal growth and development. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least 2 times a week.

10. Whole grain bread and wraps are recommended for carb and fiber intake but make sure they have 3 to 4 grams of fiber for every 20 grams of total carbs. Rice bran and wheat germ add a healthy crunchy taste to yogurt, smoothies and even muffins or breads to increase nutrients and fiber.

Protein increases metabolism because of the thermogenic reaction it causes in the human body so it makes sense to eat more protein along with carbohydrates for needed energy and healthy fats for normal growth and development. All these foods consumed 5 to 6 times a day, combined with cardio and resistance training will guarantee you results without drugs or supplements draining your wallet and harming your health. Now you can eat calories and lose weight without ever having to go hungry again.

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