Monday, February 18, 2008

An Article On Weight Loss

The weight loss market is huge when it comes to diet pills and the marketing bonanza targeting consumers looking for an easy and quick weight loss solution. There is no alternative to natural weight loss, chemical based weight loss products cause side effects and no one can predict the long term effects. This article on weight loss will discuss both sides of the coin. Last June an over the counter diet pill was introduced with an unusual marketing campaign that warned consumers they must be committed to a restricted diet before they take it. This weight loss drug worked by blocking the absorption of fat in the intestine.

This drug could cause serious side effects: flatulence and diarrhea that is, at times, uncontrollable. This condition would occur if people using the drug ate too much fat, which goes undigested through the intestinal tract because of the drug's fat blocking properties. The issue with diet pills has always been the side effects, uncontrollable diarrhea and flatulence is unhealthy and embarrassing. This article on weight loss was written to show both sides and the differences between weight loss with drugs and natural weight loss, I will now discuss natural weight loss.

Natural weight loss is the only alternative if you want to lose weight safely and eat regular grade A food. With a goal in mind, all that's required is to eat the right nutritional food, perform regular cardiovascular exercises and lift weights. This combination is guaranteed to get you on the road to burn fat.

There is documented proof that lean protein like fresh fish, chicken breast, turkey breast and egg whites burn fat because of the thermogenic properties they possess. Our bodies take 3 hours to digest a meal which in turn burns calories, meals would be scheduled every 3 hours to keep the calorie burning on a steady pace. Lean protein is by far the best fat burner and when consumed 5 to 6 times a day with complex carbohydrates and a good fat will not only make you feel full but build muscle and provide more energy than you can imagine.

Restricting calories causes the body to slow down metabolism and store fat as a reserve since it's job is to help us survive! Many people have the misconception that fewer calories will help them lose weight, far from the truth! Proper nutrition 5 to 6 times a day increases your metabolism and you don't have to worry about uncontrollable diarrhea! Building muscle at any level burns calories even when you're sitting around since muscle needs protein and calories to rebuild itself 24 hours a day.

So do yourself a favor and look into natural weight loss as an alternative to diet pills, you'll feel better and you won't have to live with side effects and spend hard earned money on a chemical quick fix. Once you find the right program with sound advice you'll never regret it! You need to find a certified trainer who promotes natural weight loss and knows how to motivate you to meet your goals.

I hope this article on weight loss has helped.

John Whelan is a Freelance Writer & Fitness Enthusiast who enjoys helping others achieve their goals.

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